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As many of us are aware, the county has temporarily suspended special pickups, yard waste pickups, and glass recycling. Do not place bulk trash or yard waste on the curb, as it will not be picked up at this time and there is no date as to when service will resume. Do not leave bulk trash items in the front yard; that is considered outdoor storage and is a violation of the zoning code. Items can be temporarily placed in the backyard where they are screened from public view. If you need to get rid of something right away, you can take it to the I-66 transfer station. Disposal fees for residential customers are listed here:

Regular weekly trash and recycling pickups are

continuing.  Items that are placed on the curb instead of inside a trash or recycling bin will not be picked up.

Here's a handy flyer that tells what should and should not go into the blue recycling bins:


Two Broyhill Park residents on Dye Drive and one Raymondale resident on Brandy Court have found dead raccoons behind their homes on three separate occasions in the past several weeks. Another raccoon was found dead in Luria Park in February. If anyone has noticed anything problematic among the raccoon population (deaths, unusual behavior, sickly looking animals), please notify us by reply email. Just a reminder in case the cause was not natural, that anyone who is trying to get rid of raccoons with poison may inadvertently end up poisoning other wildlife, such as scavengers that eat the carcasses. You can protect your trash cans from wildlife by using large clips or a brick on the lid.

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Saturday, 16 January 2021

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