Zoning Modernization

Attention Broyhill Park Residents:

The Mason District Council of Community Associations has compiled a summary of sections of the County’s proposed Zoning Modernization project that would affect single-family neighborhoods such as ours, along with suggested community responses. The Broyhill Park Civic Association urges residents who are concerned about the proposed zoning changes to read the summary (see below) and send a short letter stating your concerns to the Board of Supervisors before the March 9 BoS meeting.  Send letters to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



  • Double density development of neighborhoods overwhelming infrastructure
  • Second kitchens would encourage conversion into boarding houses

Current regulations

  • Maximum of 2 people, home must be owner occupied
  • One unit must be occupied by person with disability or age 55+
  • Special permit required
  • Owner must allow county inspection upon prior notice

zMOD proposal:

  • Maximum of 2 people, dwelling must be owner occupied (same as above)
  • Drop the disability/age requirement
  • Drop special permit requirement (require only administrative permit)
  • Drop county inspection requirement

Proposed Community Response to Interior ALU changes:

  • Retain all current requirements 



  • Commercialization of neighborhoods including pedestrian & vehicular traffic, relentless noise and activity, privacy, accessory structures on the fence line, light and air pollution, clutter/trash, business signs on front lawn

Current Regulations

  • Home-Based Businesses allowed by current regulations are very limited

zMOD Proposal:

  • All home businesses would be allowed by administrative permit only
  • Extremely broad range of businesses would be allowed, including retail sales of anything legal to sell in virginia (sales and delivery offsite or online only), manufacture anything legal to make (sales and delivery offsite or online only), any business arguably related to health and exercise (e.g., massage), no business is listed as not allowed
  • Optional range of customers: 4 at a time/8 per day, 2 at a time/6 per day, and none (NOTE: Limits on customers are not enforceable)
  • No requirement for county inspections
  • No limitation on equipment used by the business 

Proposed Community Response to Home-Based Business changes

  • BoS should require a special permit for any HBB that has on-site customers
  • BoS should limit the range of businesses allowed to preclude those obviously incompatible with homes and neighborhoods
  • BoS should retain the current county inspection requirement
  • BoS should place a limit on the equipment and materials that can be used by home businesses



  • Accessory structures crowding the property line
  • Issues with noise, privacy, and relentless activity

Current regulations: One structure limited in area to 200 sq ft.  If less than 8-1/2 ft. tall may be constructed on property line, may occupy 30% of rear setback and 100% of side setbacks. No permit required


  • Any number of structures with floor area up to 50% of the main house floor area
  • If less than 12 ft. tall, may be as close as 5 ft. to property line
  • No permit except standard building permit (required when floor area exceeds 225 sq ft.)

Proposed Community Response

  • BoS should limit enclosed freestanding accessory structures allowed without permits to one structure not exceeding 200 sq ft in area, the current limit.
  • BoS should allow additional structures and increased floor area by special permit only
  • BoS should not adopt the zMOD proposal to allow structures up to 12 ft tall to be constructed as close to the property line as 5 ft.
Proposed ordinance changes
Broyhill Park Zoning


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Thursday, 11 August 2022

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