History of Broyhill Park

Broyhill Park was founded by Marvin T. Broyhill, Sr. (1888-1966) and planned, designed and created by the Broyhill Company.

Our neighborhood is at the site of Camp Alger, a training camp for solders in the Spanish-American War. Check out the historical marker on Arlington Boulevard near the library!

Many of the neighborhood streets were named for Broyhill Company employees, such as Alice, Brandy, Carol and Sherry (we've learned they were secretaries in the company), as well as Jack, Dye, Kenney, Korte, and more!

Mr. Broyhill did name a few streets after his own children: Marvin, Joel and Herbert.

More highlights can be found in the March 2011 Broyhill Park newsletter.

Many thanks to Mr. Bill Howell and Mr. Sid Dewberry for providing us with this neighborhood history.