Broyhill Park Street Names

The following information about the Broyhill Company and the origin of the street names was provided by Mr. Bill Howell, an original owner who lived in the court section of Holly Hill Drive for over 50 years, and Mr. Sid Dewberry of the Dewberry engineering firm. Mr. Howell worked as an engineer for the Broyhill Company when the neighborhood was founded in the early 1950s.
The Broyhill Company was founded by Marvin T. Broyhill, Sr. and originally had its own engineering and architectural departments. The architectural department did the actual designing of the homes. The engineering department consisted of 15 employees who were responsible for planning the layout of the neighborhood, which was constructed in sections. One of the duties of the engineering department was to name the streets. It turns out that most of the streets are actually named after these early Broyhill engineers and other employees.
According to Mr. Howell’s recollections, the “girl” streets—Alice, Brandy and Sherry Courts, and Carol Lane—were named after secretaries who worked in the engineering department. Unfortunately, their last names have been long forgotten. Following are the rest of the streets in alphabetical order and how they were named. Unknown streets are listed at the end.
Dye Drive was named after Everett Allen Dye, a Broyhill engineer. Mr. Dye moved out of the area in the early years of the development and his current whereabouts are unknown.
Camp Alger Avenue—named for Camp Alger, a training camp for soldiers in the Spanish-American War. According to a historical marker on Route 50, the camp was established in 1898 and was named after Secretary of War Russell A. Alger. The camp was on the site of a farm called Woodburn Manor and was dissolved later in 1898 after an outbreak of typhoid fever.
Hewitt Street may have been named after a Broyhill engineer named Bob Hewitt. However, Mr. Hewitt came in later so there is some doubt as to whether this street was actually named after him or not.
Holly Hill Drive was named by Bill Howell for the numerous holly trees in that area, especially in the court section.
Jack’s Lane was named after Jack Monaghan, who worked for the Broyhill company, eventually becoming head of the Computing Department. He later went to work for the Dewberry engineering firm (known at that time as Greenhorn, O'Mara, Dewberry and Nealon) where he became an associate. Mr. Monaghan lived on Camp Alger Avenue for a time, before moving out of the neighborhood. He died in the late 2000’s.
Kenney Drive was named after Bill Kenney, a draftsman for the Broyhill Company. He lived on Kenney Drive (section 9, somewhere around 3217 or 3219). He died while only in his 40’s.
Korte Court was named after George Korte (pronounced “korty”), who was chief surveyor for both Broyhill and Dewberry, before starting his own surveying business. He lived in the Hillwood Avenue area and is now deceased.
Marc Drive was named after Carl Gardner’s son Marc Gardner, who was a baby at the time the street was named for him. Carl Gardner was chief engineer for Broyhill before starting his own surveying and engineering business. Marc Gardner’s current whereabouts are unknown.
Nealon Drive was named after James Nealon, a partner in the firm of Greenhorn, O'Mara, Dewberry and Nealon, which eventually bought out the Broyhill engineering arm. Mr. Nealon passed away in 2000 at the age of 74.
Siron Street (pronounced “siren”) was named after Charlie Siron. Mr. Siron was a survey party chief for the Broyhill company. Later he worked for Carl Gardner. He died at a young age.

Street names of unknown origin:

Brush Drive – unknown, possibly named for the “brush” or woods in the area.
Hickory Hill Road – unknown, possibly because of hickory trees in the area.
Kenfig Street, Kenfig Place – unknown
Lee Park Court – unknown
Locker Street – unknown
Norfolk Lane – unknown, but probably named after the city of that name
Normandy Drive – unknown
Parkwood Terrace – unknown
Rollin Road, unknown, was extended out from the Westlawn neighborhood
Strathmore Street – unknown
Zenith Court – unknown

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Interestingly, none of the streets in Broyhill Park are named after Broyhill family members. But across Annandale Road in the Broyhill Crest subdivision are Marvin, Joel, and Herbert Streets, named after the 3 sons of Marvin T. Broyhill, Sr.