We have some wonderful community resources for those wishing to purchase farm fresh food and support small family farms. Here are two resources that deliver to the Broyhill Park area:

1) Lancaster Farm Fresh CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)
A CSA works by asking members to sign-up in advance for a season (a “share”) of fresh, organic, local produce and other items. Deliveries are made weekly to a residence (the host site) in Holmes Run Acres, which is off of Gallows Road a short distance from Broyhill Park. The produce is superior to supermarket varieties, and if you are already eating organic and local, you will find that the CSA represents a real value for your dollar. Although you can’t choose what you get each week (the idea is that you share in the harvest, which is whatever is abundant and available that particular week), there will be many tasty vegetables and occasionally some interesting surprises. There is a variety of share choices and sizes available to suit your grocery needs. For a full description and to join, visit www.lancasterfarmfresh.com

2) Wholesome Nova Buyers’ Club is a farm-to-consumer group serving the Washington metropolitan area. Deliveries are made weekly to a host site in Broyhill Park. This is a buy-as-you go club where you order what you want each week. Wholesome Nova offers certified A-2 cow’s milk, goat milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, kefir and many other dairy products, plus100% grassfed meats and soy-free eggs. There is a $24 annual membership fee. To see the product list and to join, visit www.wholesomenova.org.